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the secret to making great vertical video

Posted by Michaela Le on Oct 11, 2018 3:10:59 PM

Vertical videos have become the new staple in advertising with the arrival of Instagram Stories and the constant changes within social media layouts. This article will provide you with the essentials you need to know when considering the production of vertical videos for your brand.

Shoot specifically for vertical content
  • A common misconception with vertical content is that you can simply crop your original horizontal video. Cropping and stretching not only drastically decreases quality but also ruins the framing of the original shot.
  • Shoot vertical video specifically by having your videographer rotate their camera by 90° or shooting extra wide at 4K to crop in in post.

Consider the advantages and limitations

  • The main disadvantage of vertical video is the difficulty to include wide shots that establish large spaces. When including shots for vertical videos, think people, details and products.
  • The advantage of vertical video is it maximises the use of real-estate on mobile displays keeping your video front and centre.
Make the most of your 15 seconds
  • Forget a powerful 3 second hook… you have less than a second to make a good impression with the viewer. With an inundation of ads that can be skipped in a single tap, your 15 seconds needs to either maintain attention or relay your entire message in a blink of an eye – a success if it can do both.
  • Keep it simple, concise, engaging, entertaining and high quality. Talk to your production company to find the sweet spot that is perfect for your brand.
  • Music also plays a strong role and the right track could make or break your 15 second slot. In saying that, text and titles will save you in terms of getting a clear message across without guaranteed sound for the viewer.

Create effective and eye-catching assets by keeping these tips at the forefront of your mind. It has never been more important to make use of all formats available to video in order to increase your reach and to do wonders for your brand.

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